Saenchai vs. Petchboonchu

April 3rd 2009, Lumpini.

Wow. What an amazing fight! I was lucky enough to get to be in Saenchai’s corner and catch it all on video, although being in the corner doesn’t really help once they get into a position where I can’t film. But it’s the best I could do!

Lumpini stadium was on fire tonight! It’s awesome to be able to watch a fight live and it’s also amazing to be part of the entourage! Hopefully there’s more to come!

The main talking point about tonight’s fight was that Saenchai (arguably the best pound for pound Muay Thai fighter in the world) had to shed off 10kg’s to fight Petchboonchu. At the weigh-in, he was initially 2kg’s overweight, but managed it and got fighting.

Were any of you reading this there? Do share!

Anyway, I’ve talked too much, here’s the video!
Saenchai vs. Petchboonchu Part 1

Saenchai vs. Petchboonchu Part 2

Bonus: Here’s a pic I took in the gentlemen’s restroom area (where the nak muays change and prepare). It reads “No punishing Nak Muays”. Gulp icon sad Saenchai vs. Petchboonchu I guess back in the day, losing was a crappy deal. Lose on stage, then get physical harm backstage as well!

photo 300x224 Saenchai vs. Petchboonchu

No punishing nak muays

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