Muay Thai is Now Just a Business

So I was reading the Bangkok Post today and low and behold I see an article about how Muay Thai is losing its ground spirit-wise. It talks about the Muay Thai camps just doing all they can in order to gain customers for their business.

Sure that happens, there’s a lot of camps and money-oriented owners that want to see their places flourish and expand. There’s also a few that are jumping on the MMA scene. Why is it such a big problem if they want to expand their reach?

I realize there are foreign nak muay’s that aren’t very accustomed to the Thai tradition of respecting elders and teachers of various art-forms, or worse, ones that know about it, but don’t bother to show their gratitude. But who are we kidding here? Muay Thai, to me, is based solely on the person that is training. If they want to do it the ‘correct way’ and follow the ancient procedures, then that is something that they can be proud of. If on the other hand, they neglect it but the trainer doesn’t care much, then let it be. It’s mutual.

We all have to earn money to live right? We all want a comfortable life right? Why not greet opportunity when it comes a-knocking?

Oh, talking about ‘commercialization’, if you haven’t seen Fairtex release their interview of Jack Osbourne:

What do you guys think about it?


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