Muay Thai Fighting: Are you an Amateur or Pro?

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If you are interested in Muay Thai fighting you can get started no matter your background or vision for the future. Simply put, you don’t have to be anybody special to get started with Muay Thai fighting. That being said, you need to be devoted to the craft and have an idea of what you want to accomplish in the future.

You can be a Muay Thai amateur or become a professional. Either way, the good thing is that you are practicing your craft and doing something that you love. Many people stick to amateur status because this gives them the chance to fight on an on-again off-again basis. In other words, amateurs do not have to be as serious as professionals fighters; even though they often times are.

If you are interested in Muay Thai fighting because you want to become a professional you are not alone. More and more professional fighters are incorporating Muay Thai into their technique. While most of them are not using “straight Muay Thai fighting” they are falling back on some traditional techniques as a way of bettering their odds in the ring. This is also known as mixed martial arts or MMA, where the fighter incorporates more than one fighting discipline.

Just because you are practicing Muay Thai does not mean that you ever have to get into the ring and use it in a real match. This is up to you, and you need to make up your mind on how far you want to take your love of this Thai national sport.
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You can get involved with Muay Thai fighting as a hobby, as an amateur, or to eventually become a professional. No matter what you decide on you are sure to have a good time.

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Apr 30, 2009 at 3:51 pm

Totally right, Muay Thai is so great. The cardio, the technique I’m learning, leg kicking people. So great. I took two years of MT before decided what to do, I’ll be using it in a Amateur MMA fight this summer.



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