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This gym was easily found as Tha Pae Stadium is related to it and they usually have fighters from the gym featured in one of the bouts they have. You can simply turn up any time during the day to tell the person in charge there that you would like to train. They’ll make you come around an hour before the time of training and pick you up in a little truck so that you and other Muay Thai trainees can head to Chay Yai Gym together.
I noticed that this gym is very accessible, because of the pick up they provide and therefore there were many tourists that go there for single sessions or for a few times in their stay in Chiang-Mai. Having said that though; it’s definitely not a walk in the park and at times feels like a boot-camp when it comes to conditioning and core exercises. They involve everyone, from new to regulars in a sort of circuit training way.
A lot of emphasis was put on stretching and keeping the body flexible. But the exercises that stood out the most and was the hardest for the newcomers were the abs conditioning.

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Oct 6, 2011 at 9:53 pm

Was there in 2011, good gym with lots of cool people. However, they seem to have a lot of drama between the Thai trainers. Plus: good attention to technique, nice area as far as being quite at night but still close to the city, even though it is a tourist gym it has a very Thai feel to it, and it was super cheap. Negative: the equipment at the gym for sparring is total garbage-and although you might have your own gear you might spar someone who has gloves on that are in shamble and could easy cut you, the owner is nice but in kind of shady way-you get the feeling he’s kind of full of shit, as far as rooms for rent I was one of 3 people who was told they would have a certain apartment but when I got there it was some thing completely different. Oh, girls beware, they will want you to fight in their promotion no matter how inexperienced you are or how little you have been training.

Jan 12, 2012 at 8:44 pm

I was here for a week in december of 2011 and this is what I saw:
Noom, the manager answered my e-mail quickly and gave the cab driver directions on how to get there. Once there, he basically gave me no options but to stay in their accomodations which suck compared to any others for the same price. He also tried to rent me a scooter for 400 baht per day when the actuall cost is 150 baht. He’s a smart ass business man who will rip you off everychance he gets. There were no sheets on the bed nor towels in the room. For the same price in the center of town you get blankets, towels and in some places even breakfast included.
The gym is in decent shape, the bags, etc… but honestly speaking, as an amateur fighter having trained in NYC for 4 years this gym had nothing to offer me. There were no thais training, just westeners; some fat girls loosing weight, some chumps, etc. There are also some western fighters, but they were not there for sparring, so for me it really was a waste of time. Then again I was looking to improve my technique and not to learn 1,2 low kick…
No disrespect to the trainers but they just do their job. I didn’t see them correcting students forms nor giving tips, just getting the job done.
Perhaps if I had stayed for three months I might have learned the clintch better.



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