50 Muay Thai Kicks in 22 Seconds

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Muay Thai Bags

Training in the art of Muay Thai means many things. If you want to receive the best training you need the best equipment. Of course, if you train at a gym they probably already have all the equipment that you need. That being said, you may still want to buy some items for yourself. This is where Muay Thai bags come into play. With the right Muay Thai bag you can train at home, or anywhere else that you can set this up. But before you buy just any bag you need to learn more about what is available, what you should get, and how much it costs.

With the right Muay Thai heavy bag you will be ready for a full contact workout. It is important that you purchase a bag that is not only high quality, but will stand up to your force day in and day out. In other words, a Muay Thai bag that is going to break after a few training sessions is a waste of money.

There are many types of Muay Thai bags on the market, and you should find one that is made of vinyl and reinforced with nylon web loops. These are the most durable materials, and help to ensure that your bag will stand up to the test of time.

How much does a Muay Thai bag cost? Generally speaking, you should be able to find a durable, quality bag for $150. If you search around you may be able to find one for a little bit less; especially if you are open to buying used.
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Now that you know more about Muay Thai bags you are ready to make a purchase and beginning training like a professional.


Muay Thai Traditional Techniques

There are many traditional techniques that are used when practicing Muay Thai. In its earliest form, this form of fighting consisted of the use of nine weapons. They include: fists, knees, elbows, the head, and feet. In today’s day and age, head butting is no longer allowed during Muay Thai competitions, both amateur and professional. That being said, the other eight weapons are still used extensively, and make up a large portion of Muay Thai fighting. Although, if the trainer wants to teach the head-butt, by all means take a stab at it! You never know when there might be a street fight.
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There are two subcategories of Muay Thai traditional techniques. They are Luk Mai, or minor techniques, and Mae Mai, or major techniques. It is important for a fighter to be skilled in both subcategories to ensure an equal balance of offensive and defensive moves.

Of course, self-defence is always a useful skill, but there’s no harm in teaching a balanced range of moves. Whether you’re looking to gain new martial arts skills, or you’re researching a particular culture for a course at an online university, you’ll gain so much out of this course. All it takes is a little self-confidence, an eager attitude to new skills, and the willingness to commit to learning Muay Thai.

Stand up fighters often times turn to Muay Thai traditional techniques to improve their chance of winning. The Thai style of Muay Thai features each fighter landing punches one after the next. But in the Western World, thanks to the increasing popularity of mixed martial arts, this is not so much the case. Instead, these fighters have taken the hand striking techniques of Muay Thai and use them in a more traditional “boxing manner.”

Almost every type of traditional technique of Muay Thai uses the entire body. For instance, a hand strike involves not only a punch but also the rotating of the hips to ensure maximum force. In fact, you’ll want to work on your core as much as possible as it is the main driving force to most of the damage inflicted. This is true in almost all sports, from golfing to discus throwing.

As you can see, Muay Thai traditional techniques are still common but are advancing as this method of fighting spreads throughout the world. But no matter what type of fighting takes place, when you look back to the roots, Muay Thai is where it all began.

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What goes into Muay Thai Sparring?

When it comes to Muay Thai training, sparring is an essential element. This may be the most important part of your training because it is when you get to put all of your practice and techniques to good use. Most people love the sparring process because it actually allows them to get into the ring with somebody else. It is fun to train, but it does not get much better than sparring.

Through sparring you can decide what is working for you, which techniques need more polishing, and much more. You never really know what type of fighter you are going to be and what will work best until you step into the ring and try out your techniques on a sparring partner.

As a fighter, it is important to use all of the moves you practice when sparring. Remember, this is not a real right. You are more or less practicing with somebody who is trying to help you become a better fighter. For this reason, you should feel comfortable using all of your moves so you can determine where you are excelling and what needs more work when you get back to training.
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Of course, Muay Thai sparring can also help you build confidence. By sparring on a regular basis you will feel much more confident and comfortable with yourself when you finally step into the ring with a true competitor.

Finally, Muay Thai sparring is a controlled activity in which you are not trying to hurt your partner. Instead, you should be using light contact to ensure your sparring partner’s safety. Your goal is to learn more about yourself as a fighter so you can develop your Muay Thai skills in the best way possible.

As one of the most important aspects of Muay Thai training, you should not take sparring lightly.

Anyone been sparring before? How did it go?

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Muay Thai Training

So you guys are looking to train Muay Thai. Maybe it’s at home in your own country or (preferably) in good old Thailand. Whatever your choice is, make sure you stick to it and gain the awesome discipline skills that come along with the training.

Making the trip to Thailand will definitely be a life changer, some for the worse. So pick wisely. There are various places to go in Thailand. You could hang with Saenchai Sor Kingstar himself in Bangkok, maybe want to rub shins with Yodsanklai Fairtex in Pattaya. There are also alternatives such as Phuket, Koh Phangan and Krabi to name a few. Wherever you pick, make sure you do research on it and read past reviews from other practitioners that have been there. They are always online and talking about their Thailand trips.

It’s important that you choose based on what you have heard about the trainer, as they are the ones with the knowledge and experience to turn things around. There won’t be much use if you end up at a camp where a champ resides but he’s too busy off doing his own things and won’t really notice you.

To train in Thailand there is usually a lot of cardio work to do. Sometimes when you arrive to the camp they simply just make you do cardio the whole time. No training. A loose plan would be jogging, skipping, shadow box, punching and knee-ing the bags. It’s also not uncommon that the camp will have a few weights lying around. The idea is to just add a little resistance to your workout/conditioning, not to restrict you or turn you into a beast.
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Usually there is a morning and an afternoon session. Obviously if you plan to stay at the camp you’ll want to make maximum use of these times and get your behind out of bed and when the day is over, just wind down and make sure you don’t wander off to get yourself in a party or something. Some camps are located in busy areas (Pattaya is notorious for this) and there might be a lot of temptation that will draw you away. It’s completely up to you, the paying customer and your discipline to stay and get what you deserve. Champions are made from hard-work and dedication you know.

It takes time, but coordination, balance and power will start to develop once you’ve begun to master what the trainer is telling you. From then on, it’s just grueling workouts where conditioning will start to take over. Stick in there and the rest will follow.


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