UFC Ring-Girl Logan Stanton Interview

loganstantontmt UFC Ring Girl Logan Stanton Interview

Logan Stanton is the newest, freshest UFC ring-girl from Niceville, FL. And nice she is!

Ever made it to Thailand? If not, what’s your idea of it?
No I haven’t but I would LOVE to go. I’m fascinated with their culture!

What was a typical day’s schedule when you moved to Miami alone?
Lets see.. I’d roll out of bed around 9 or 10 (depending on what kind of trouble I got into the night before), go for a run on the boardwalk, go to a couple castings, meet my friends on the beach for a few hours, grab lunch at Lime (my favorite spot in Miami) and then go out that night. It’s a rough lifestyle but somebody has to do it icon wink UFC Ring Girl Logan Stanton Interview

Have you ever tried Muay Thai or Kickboxing?
I haven’t, but since getting involved with the UFC I would love to try it.
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Favourite Muay Thai style fighter?
I don’t have a favorite yet

Do you prefer watching a stand-up or a ground game fight?
Definitely a stand-up.

What perks come with working for the biggest MMA organization in the world?
Great seats! Haha seriously though.. I’ve always wanted to travel and I’ve done more traveling in these past 3 months than I have done in my entire life. I’ve also met some amazing people.

Did you watch any MMA before being a ring girl?
I watched UFC quite a bit actually.

You have a killer body, how’s your nutrition? Ever been on a diet?
Thank you! I think I eat pretty healthy for the most part. I love to work out which actually motivates me to eat better. Although.. I do love my sweets!

Now for some quick-fire ones:

What is sexier? An MMA fighter or a humorous guy?
A humorous guy. I love it when a guy can make me laugh
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You a Mac or PC?

iPhone or Blackberry?
iPhone. I’ll admit that I do miss my Blackberry at times though.. Like when Arianny’s BBM is going off in the dressing room.

Partying or chilling?
Chilling. Although when I do feel like partying I prefer a house party to a club.

Rock or Pop?
Neither. I listen to mostly R&B or Country.

CSI Miami or CSI Las Vegas?
Miami. Even though I find David Caruso a LITTLE creepy..


Saenchai Sor Kingstar Q&A Video

The time has come.

saenchaikickbag 200x300 Saenchai Sor Kingstar Q&A Video

Saenchai kicking the bag

Thank you to those of you that asked a question in the Saenchai interview questions post! Most of them have been answered, although I had to paraphrase quite a bit and some questions were totally omitted as we believe that Saenchai didn’t answer them with much interest or we kind of veered off somewhere else. So my apologies if your questions didn’t get in, or they were asked in a completely different way.

The clips of the training are shot in HD and the video of the epic fight at Lumpini are all exclusive and belong solely to TalkMuayThai.com. They are a mix between the fight of Saenchai vs. Petchboonchu and his training before the fight. As you may already know, he had to drop 10kgs to be in the same weight-class as Petchboonchu.

Once again, the questions were not mine, they were from the people that have taken the time to post their queries in an earlier post.

Saenchai Sor Kingstar Q&A
Note: Apologies for a slight misspelling of his name. Was noticed post-editing.

Hope you liked it! Stay tuned for the next world-class fighter we’ll showcase. For those that missed asking a question this time, make sure you get them in for next time!

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