Island Muay Thai – Koh Tao

The gym is located just off Sairee beach, which is the main party beach on the island. Everyone there is friendly and sessions usually start with a light jog which the locals like to do before the actual sessions. There is a lot of emphasis on clinching after the actual pad work and it’s nice to always have one of the trainers, when they aren’t busy, to shout tips and techniques when your in the middle of wrestling someone.
The training camp itself is the only one on the island and so whenever there’s a fight they quickly turn it into a nice stadium and blast some pop/techno between the rounds. It is a nice atmosphere and essentially a practical place, if you want to get your first few fights in as the opponents they bring to the fights aren’t seasonal fighters, so it makes a fairly even challenge.

Here’s some words from Ali Behnamnia that’s been a regular there on his one month stop during his round the world trip.
Island Muay Thai is the perfect way to stay fit whilst you’re on Koh Tao.
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